About Elizabeth


It’s me, Elizabeth Highcock Elizabeth Highcock PIERSON!

2015 brought some changes for me ~ married ~ baby ~ instant Brady Bunch +1

I’m a local girl that doesn’t mind the Decatur “stink”.  It smells like home, literally…..My husband, Creg, works for “the stink”.


*I’m 29 for life!!  (I have to think and sometimes calculate my actual age)

*I have 4 kiddos.  My husband has 4 kiddos.  4+4=7…….I’ll let you think on that one 😉

*I live on diet coke, diet dr pepper, and coffee (preferably Starbucks and the fancier the better)

*I love essential oils.  LOVE!!!!

*I was a singer/dancer/actress at Six Flags Great America

*Target……need I say more?

*I thank God daily for the blessings AND the bumps in my life.  Without the bumps, we wouldn’t learn and grow.

*Most important…..FAMILY and faith!  These come first.  Always!