Frequently Asked Questions…

What is the process from start to finish?

When  you are ready to book your session, the session fee is paid to reserve your date.  All forms of payment are accepted.   Between the time of booking and your session, I would love to collaborate with you via phone or email about location and outfit selections.  On the day of your session we will meet and have a ton of fun! Relax and enjoy the time!  I will tell you exactly what to do so that you will not feel silly coming up with poses or facial expressions yourself (a lot of people are worried about that!) Just leave it to me! About two weeks after your session, we will meet up again, at my home office, for your view/order session. You will get to see your images for the first time and decide what you want.  If digital files are purchased, you will receive a link to download immediately.  If prints/products are ordered, allow up to 4 weeks. (usually it doesn’t take this long.  Just being safe!)


How much should I expect to invest?

Honestly, it really depends on several factors….How long has it been since your last portrait session?  Are you wanting to decorate your home with amazing wall art?  Are you wanting the digital files to print yourself?  Elizabeth’s clients generally in invest around $350/session.


Can I share my image on Facebook/social media?

Absolutely! Show off your hot self! When you purchase your digital images, they are yours to share, print, and keep tucked away forever and ever. Just give credit to Elizabeth Highcock – Photographic Artist under any images posted to social networking sites.


Will you show us the RAW/unedited files?  Can we purchase the RAW/unedited files and edit ourselves?

No ma’am. You are paying me to produce art.  Editing is half of that job. I only show & sell full-resolution, hand-crafted-to-perfection images. Let me wow you! : )